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We are India's premier fact-checking website with newsrooms in Myanmar and Bangladesh. BOOM was one of the first fact-checking organisations in India to be certified by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), run by the Poynter Institute. We are a small and young team that punches above its weight.

Our Values

Our mission is to fight misinformation, explain issues and make the internet safer. BOOM is India’s first independent fact-checking and media literacy initiative. We are committed to providing our readers verified facts.

Results Driven
Do The Right Thing

We're Hiring!

The BOOM team includes people who have worked at various organisations and speak multiple languages. If you want to work with us, write to us: Mention the position you are applying for in the subject लाइन

Why I Love BOOM

I spent almost three years at BOOM learning the ropes of the journalistic and fact-checking world. The team not only helped me hone my skills but we built a health frontier together! The freedom that was bestowed on me allowed me to explore the health world. The workplace culture at BOOM has led to the team having lifelong friends and mentors who are always just a message away!

-Shachi Sutaria.

I started my journey with BOOM in 2018. This was a time when misinformation on social media had just started spreading its tentacles and there was a lot of work to be done in this field. I was from print media background and the dynamic nature of work at BOOM was something very different. Also, it was my first brush with fact checking. However, the work environment here was such that it helped me groom as a fact checker.

- Sumit Usha

Right after completing my Masters in Public Policy, I joined BOOM as a policy analyst. It is with BOOM that I stepped into the media ecosystem and learned the basic lessons of journalism. I can proudly say that I was among the first team members of BOOM’s fact-check team. When BOOM embraced fact-checking and became one the pioneers of addressing misinformation in the country, the direction that BOOM took was pivotal in my career. After BOOM I worked with Mint as a data journalist and now, as Program Associate, Asia-Pacific with Meedan, a global technology not-for-profit, I continue to support fact-checkers and journalists in fighting the global misinformation crisis. My experience as a reporter at BOOM, the endless newsroom discussions and debates, the ups and downs of pursuing stories and much more have immensely shaped my worldview and left in me a strong love for journalism. I am also so grateful for the mentors and well-wishers at BOOM.

Sneha Alexander

BOOM is one of the few news organisations in India that remains true to the ethics of honest and accountable journalism. Working at BOOM was not only professionally fulfilling but was also an educational experience.

Dilip Unnikrishnan

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